British Lung Foundation - Helping Britain breathe better. Lady wearing a green blouse holding a peice of paper gently laughing with three other ladies in the background.

Helping Britain breathe better

Cold donor acquisition

British Lung Foundation look after the nation’s lungs, offering hope through research, practical support and advice to those with lung conditions, and campaigning to ensure we can all breathe clean air with healthy lungs.

Cherry Tiger was challenged to ‘beat the banker’ pack to recruit new cash donors. The current pack used a questionnaire about the reader’s lung health as a mechanism to support a donation ask. Our task wasn’t to completely discard a proven tactic but to look at ways of improving response from a solid base.

The nature of the cold audience meant that our response needed to be focussed on the reader – it had to feel relevant to them, whist still inspiring support. Our challenger pack introduced the brand much more strongly to take advantage of design elements previously being under-utilised. Strong use of imagery also put real people at the heart of the communication, making it more relevant and engaging to the reader.

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