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Warm direct mail appeal

Cherry Tiger devised this appeal at a time when Blue Planet 2 caught the mood of the public and significantly raised awareness of the devastating impact that plastic pollution is having on our marine life. Friends of the Earth wanted to inspire people who care about the planet to act together and campaign for new regulations on plastic production. Their pitch was that recycling is no longer enough, with the only way to reduce plastic pollution being to reduce producing plastic in the first place.

We were approached to design a direct mail pack, to promote Friends of the Earths campaign to create a Plastics Action Plan. The challenge was to show the extent of the impact on marine life and present the only clear solution – to pressure the government into producing legislative action to tackle non-essential plastic production.

The aim of the campaign was to instill a sense of loss and emotional connection with marine life and demonstrate Friends of the Earth’s credentials in facilitating change. The campaign was successful enough on the first run, to be rolled out for a second time.

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