MAG - Freeing people from fear. Two young girls wearing brightly coloured covering smiling for the camera.

Freeing people from fear

Improved dwell time, click-throughs and donations

Responsive web design

Our long-standing client, the landmines charity MAG, asked us to redesign a responsive website in 2018. We restructured and refined the content, simplifying the user experience and making their proposition much clearer to a variety of stakeholder groups, from individual donors to major governments.

MAG’s current website had grown organically over number of years, meaning there was a huge amount of content that needed refining. We partnered with FARM Digital as a build and technical lead to reflect a key part of the response being technically based, to optimise and future-proof the website, using an open source platform.

Key to our response was understanding all of the key user group journeys through the site. From here we could understand what their experience needed to be, reflecting this in the website structure.  Our design simplified the logo and typography and brought bold colour to their amazing photography.

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Royal Star & Garter - Saying thank you to veterans. Man in a wheelchair after suffering life changing injuries looking at the camera smiling.

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