RAFA - Making a solemn pledge. Black and white photo of a group of veteran RAF pilots surroundoing a Spitfire plane.

Making a solemn pledge

We sourced data targeting people of the right age, location and with a propensity to donate via legacies to military charities and then designed a pack that told more of the RAFA story and made the case for a legacy gift in particular. We needed to explain how dependent RAFA were on legacy income, and the beauty of a gift that allowed them to plan for the future. Finally responses to the warm pack included a number of very moving stories from pledgers, who explained their connection to the RAF Association, so we included some of these as testimonials.

The resulting pack delivered on all these objectives, while at the same time retaining one of the strongest features of the original pack; the incentive of a special edition pin badge, with which pledgers can show their support for RAFA, ‘Always’. To tie it all together, we created a new central proposition central for our pack. By pledging their support to RAFA, pledgers could help the charity keep their pledge to always care for every member of the RAF family.

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