Saving the Albatross

Beat the targeted number of regular givers by 8.6% 

Regular giving direct and digital campaign

Although most of our work for the RSPB concentrates on work in the UK, this regular giving appeal made a compelling case for helping to save the albatross from extinction right around the world. Sadly these magnificent birds are often accidentally killed by long-line fishing fleets in southern oceans. Yet we showed how a regular gift as a ‘Friend of the Albatross’ could help to prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths a year.

The key to our approach was a determination to match powerful emotions with forceful rational facts and beautiful, inspiring and enlightening imagery. Across direct mail, email, landing pages and video we brought to life the tragic, needless and wasteful loss of life. Yet we balanced the problem with simple, clear solutions, that had already helped South African fishermen to cut Albatross deaths by 99% across their fleet.

Thanks to some wonderful images from Stephanie Winnard, our pack explained how a regular gift could deliver similar results in Argentina and Chile while showing the huge potential to bring many species of albatross back from the brink of extinction in just a few short years. Our gatefold print format dramatised the stunning beauty of the albatross, while a powerful online video script underlined the brutal waste of life. Across all channels, we were careful to stress the benefits of an ongoing monthly gift, with the promise of regular updates on progress.

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